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Ice Storms Preparedness 

Snow and ice can represent a lot of things to people. For most kids, it represents the winter and winter games. To others it denotes an end of a cycle of seasons. Sadly, it can also denote fear and worry among a lot of people.

Ice storms or freezing rain are considered as one of the most dangerous kind of winter storm. While a snow storm can disrupt normal daily activities, an ice storm has the capacity to destroy personal property and cause harm to people. In what was called the Great Ice Storm of 1998, 35 people died and some areas had weeks or months of no power due to the ice storm.

So how can you prepare yourself and your family for an ice storm?

1. Keep cache of important stuff you need in case an ice storm hits. This way, when a snow storm warning is raised you will be prepared. Here are the things you need to include in the cache:

a. Food and water. Power might be a problem so make sure you have food that can be eaten without cooking.

b. When there is a heavy ice storm, power will most likely be cut off so you need to stock up on lights and batteries. Power banks for your gadgets should also be available. Keeping a candle in the cache will also help you save up on the batteries in case there is prolonged power interruption.

c. Have a battery operated radio available and a Mini-TV is possible. This is so you can keep track of what is happening outside in case the power is down. This is also a good way to know if the snow weather alert is already raised.

d. Keep a stash of rock salt to melt ice on walkways.

e. Visit or call your local Environment Protection Agency for locally-specific items that might be needed.

2. Know where you store extra blankets and warm clothes. It’s much easier to freeze to death when there is no power running the heaters in your house. Your best bet is to stay warm.

3. Storing some firewood might be needed in some cases but it wouldn’t hurt to keep some handy to warm you up.

4. Create a Family Communications Plan in case you won’t be together inside the house during an ice storm. Devise a plan on how you can contact each other and what your contingency plan will be so you can be together.

An ice storm won’t come like a thief in the night. So make it a habit to check the weather forecast for possible snowstorms that can escalate into ice storms. Tune in to a NOAA Weather Radio broadcast for any alert or warning of a possible hazard. If you have a snow storm warning raised, don’t ever let yourself be caught on the road during an ice storm. If possible, just stay where you are and wait until the alert is raised and it is safe to travel.

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