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Hurricane Preparedness

A hurricane is no laughing matter. Victims of Hurricane Katrina can attest to this. It is considered to be the costliest and one of the top 5 deadliest hurricanes to have hit United States soil. While the power of a hurricane seems endless, are we really at its mercy? Can we really do nothing about this?

Well, good news is that while you can’t stop a hurricane from making landfall, you can still mitigate the damage it can inflict to your family and properties. Hurricane preparedness is the secret.

Preparing for a Hurricane

1. Put together a disaster supply kit for you and your family. The kit should include first aid supplies, cash, flashlight, batteries, easy to prepare food, water, and critical documents. It is much better if you can prepare one small kit for each family member in cases wherein you get separated.

2. Make sure you and your family understands what a hurricane is and what it can do. A lot of people who have been casualties during hurricane season are those that underestimate its power.

3. Make a disaster plan with your family. Your disaster plan should include ways for you to communicate in case a hurricane hits. During hurricanes, there might be power outages and network issues so you should know how and when to communicate with your family to make sure everybody is alright.

4. A disaster plan should also include a briefing on evacuation centers and routes everybody can take. You can call your local emergency management agency for more information on evacuations.

5. Have a transistor radio or power banks for your phones. You should understand that during a hurricane, you should always be aware of what is happening so you would know if it is already safe to go outside or not.

6. Check your surroundings. Make sure that everything that can be blown away is tied down. You can also look for potential hazards within your neighborhood such as large trees and dilapidated houses.

7. Make sure your car is always in running condition. Nothing makes an evacuation harder than having to walk all the way with your family members and your disaster supply kits. Have a mechanic check your car and make sure you have enough gas to take you to evacuation centers.

What to Do During a Hurricane

1. Tune in to your local emergency station for updates on the hurricane. A hurricane forecast will be given normally so you can gauge how strong it is. Checking out a hurricane tracker online might also help so you can prepare your family once it hits.

2. Stay indoors unless told otherwise. If no evacuation signal is given, then it is better to stay insider your home where it is safer. Don’t go outside for any reason. Flying debris can come out of nowhere.

3. Wait for the authorities to declare your area to be safe before going out in the open. When a hurricane seems like it is over it can be just the “eye” of the storm but after it passes the wind will go back to hurricane force.

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